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                     •  Technique development for orchard inventory and mapping of major fruit crops:
                        Banana, Mango, Citrus using multi-temporal LISS-4/LISS-3/RISAT data.

                     •  Technique development for kharif onion crop discrimination and Tomato using
                        RISAT data.
                     •  Horticultural development plan for crop intensification in Maharashtra state.

               Data Used

                     •  The multidate LISS-3, LISS-4, CARTOSAT, RISAT- SAR satellite data will be
                        used as per the suitability for the crop to be discriminated.
                     •  The  data  of  April-May  and  Nov-Dec  may  be  used  for  better  classification  of
                        orchards. Whereas,  for  kharif  onion,  and  tomato  the  data  coinciding  with  the
                        growing season will be used.
                     •  The use of high resolution data would also be explored.


                       Stratified random sampling plan would be used for the current season.

                     •  Verification of some classified sample segments in LISS-4 and / LISS 3 data for
                        (which ever suitable)
                     •  multi  date  image  classification  for  fruit  crop  of  citrus,  Banana  and  Mango
                        (ISODATA,MXL and Object based as per suitability)

               Execution / Implementation

               Project  executed  by  MRSAC  along  with  State  Horticulture  Department  under  the
               technical guidance of SAC, Ahmadabad

               Completion Status (Progress): Ongoing

               Orchard mapping for Nagpur, Amravati, Akola, Wardha, Buldana, Nashik and Pune
               district is completed. (orchard includescitrus, graps and pomegranate).


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